Suitable for absolute beginners to the more experienced.

Beginning Tuesday 13th October from 7 – 8.30 p.m: 3 week course: £40 / £30 low income UPGRADE WITH ONE HOUR READING: £65/ £55

Drawing upon 35 years experience as a professional Tarot Card reader. My approach is accessible and aims to connect you with your intuition, the easiest and best way to read Tarot Cards.
We will cover the history of Tarot Cards, Numerology, Energetics, Elements and Astrology in our exploration of delving into the life-affirming world of Tarot. Students will be encouraged to connect with their own decks, and build their reading skills as they are introduced to different Tarot Card Reading Spreads.
Each week the course will comprise of a live stream 90 minute class plus downloadable PDF course notes and exercises.
Numbers are limited and this course is VERY POPULAR so please book your spot early!
Email: for more information or to book your place.


‘Noelle gives you confidence and holds space for everyone to ask questions, develop their knowledge and intuition. The exercise and meditations were a new way to connect to my deck and my readings have become clearer since I started the course. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that would like to learn about tarot or even deepen their knowledge of it.’ (Anais)

‘Both courses were extremely in depth and engaging, and have given me a new appreciation for the Tarot. There’s really nothing I can fault about the classes; the notes were extensive, the subject matter was beyond interesting, and your calming and knowledgeable presence gave the courses a very welcoming atmosphere.’ (Euan)

‘This course was excellent! I learned so much about Tarot and Noelle was a fantastic teacher. Of course, you can’t expect to do this and suddenly be amazing at Tarot reading. It takes practice but Noelle and everyone else on the course were so supportive and I was always made to feel very welcome. The sessions were manageable to attend via Zoom and it was nice meeting new people with a common interest.’ (Jess)


What is a Tarot Reading?

With their rich imagery and multi-layered content, Tarot Card Readings can be powerful tools of insight and affirmation.

I have been reading Tarot Cards for over 35 years. My approach is gentle and compassionate, connecting you to your own intuitive knowledge through my interpretation of your card readings.


I offer a range of different readings working with two decks: The Rider Waite, and The Tarot of the Secret Forest.

The readings on offer are:
20 minutes Horseshoe Reading for guidance on a specific issue: £15
30 minutes Celtic Cross Reading for the next 3/4 months plus Mantra 3 card reading: £20
60 minutes Celtic Cross Reading for next 3/4 months plus Horseshoe Reading on specific issue, plus Mantra 3 card reading: £30
90 minutes Calendar Reading for 12 months plus Horseshoe Reading on specific issue, plus Mantra 3 card reading: £40
90 minutes Celtic Cross & Horseshoe reading x 2 for 2 friends or a couple (separate readings each of 45 minutes): £40

To book a reading please contact me via the Contact Page or my Instagram noelle.harrison5 direct messaging.