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The life of a writer demands versatility. As a novelist, I have diversified into several different areas where I apply the same meticulous approach to crafting words combined with an enduring passion for creativity.

I am a freelance content writer and editor for websites, and other marketing materials, a writer of travel and feature articles for a range of journals, as well as a teacher of Creative Writing, and a performer of the written word. I also provide a critiquing service for new and emerging writers.

Website Content Writing & Branded Content

The text that you employ on your website is as important as your visual design and graphics. The power of words cannot be underestimated.

No matter what your website is about whether you are a Master Watchmaker, or a steak restaurant, travel website, or selling medical supplies, I can provide the following:

Branded Content – Bespoke Storytelling

I offer a bespoke storytelling service that can provide your brand with a fresh opportunity to connect with your consumers. Through the creation of your own unique story, or stories your brand will stand out and possess deeper meaning for your consumers. As a writer of novels, and short stories, I write across all genres, and in many different styles. I thrive on the challenge of writing narrative focussed on a core brand or concept for a business and reaching out to the wider spectrum of consumers.  My most recent project was the creation of ten very short stories for an exciting new cocktail menu. Every story was unique and inspired by the ingredients of each cocktail. My clients were Gin71 & Arbikie Distillery both based in Scotland.

Here is a sample of one of the stories written for a whiskey martini:

The Jacobite Martini

His enemies called him the Young Pretender, but to me he was my Bonnie Prince.

‘Miss Flora MacDonald,’ he told me. ‘My life is in your hands.’

It was no word of a lie. Two thousand Redcoats were searching for the fugitive Prince, a prize bounty upon his head.  I knew what danger it would be to disguise him as my maid and bring him on my wee boat between the isles of Skye.

And yet in that moment as we were gusted by the western winds, the clouds darkening above us, and the sea breaking with fury against the shore, he was no longer a foreign Prince but a Scottish boy begging for my shelter.

I gave him my promise as the rain came down. My Bonnie Prince kissed me quick. He tasted of cherry as a blaze of whisky coursed through me. I kissed him back, his wet skin sweet as toffee against my lips.

I never regretted it. Not for one day of my imprisonment. I hoped he would return to Scotland, and raised my glass for evermore “to the king over the water.”

The Language of Business

I offer two workshops in my language of business program:

  1. Writing Content for your Website
  2. Blog writing for your business

My one-day workshop on writing content for your website focuses on creating a narrative throughout your website, where each aspect of it works in alignment to create a comprehensive whole. Through a series of practical exercises, you will explore the ‘character’ of your brand as well as develop the skills to write English copy for a website that is engaging, while not overly academic or formal in its use of language.

On my one-day workshop on Blog writing for your business looks at the powerful tool of blogging. But what kind of blog should you have? And if you are not a writer yourself, how can you consistently create engaging and intelligent content on your blog?

In this module, we look at the different types of blog that you can choose to feature on your website, and explore advantages and disadvantages of each one. Through practical exercises, we look at how to use your blog effectively and for maximum effect to attract new clients and customers by incorporating SEOs and other links to social media.

  • To write fresh content for your website / or an original story for your brand: €200 (£180) per day.
  • To rewrite existing content, editing and proofing: €100 (£90) per day.
Workshop Rates

Writing Content for your Website / or Blog Writing for your business:

Three hour Workshop

  • Between 1 – 5 Participants: £200 plus travel / food expenses
  • Between 1 – 10 Participants £400 plus travel / food expenses
  • Between 10 – 15 Participants £600 plus travel / food expenses
  • Full Day Business of Language Course with Liberty Coaching & Consulting: £200 per participant (maximum 20).

To request an initial free consultation please drop me a line through my Contacts page, or for further information on full day Business of Language Course contact: Ann Elizabeth Seach, Liberty Coaching & Consulting, Email: hello@libertyscc.com


‘I attended two of Noelle Harrison’s courses with Liberty Coaching & Consulting – Writing Website Content and Blog writing for your business in May 2017 in Bergen in Norway. The courses gave me both the inspiration to express myself through writing in a way I had not thought of before. Her courses gave me the ability to structure my writing, and get my message across more clearly. The result is that I feel much more confident in my writing, and in my own business. Since I have done the course, and worked on the content of my website and my new blog, I have been getting more responses than I had before.’

Sidsel Humbeset, Sidesl & Mari Lifestyle @sidselmarilifestyle

‘Short but powerful seminar. You will learn how to unlock your creativity, tips on how to ‘sell well’ your product or business in blogs, websites and social media, write outside your comfort zone, among other topics. Recommendable!’

Kenneth F. Bosch


I have written many articles and features for a range of journals including The Irish Times, The Telegraph, The Evening Herald and The Irish Independent.

I have worked as an art reviewer and critic in Ireland for publications such as The Sunday Times, Circa Magazine and Art Bulletin.

Since 2015, I have written features for Silverkris Magazine, Singapore Airlines Inflight Magazine.





Large circulation and glossy mags: £700 for 1,000 word feature.

Smaller circulation, newspapers: £450 for 1,000 words.


£200 for 400 words

All of these rates are negotiable if you want to get in touch through my Contacts Page.


I possess over fifteen years of experience teaching creative writing working with a wide range of ages and groups within the community in Ireland, Norway and Scotland. I love the process of teaching and find it rewarding as a writer.

I can teach one-off sessions, one-day workshops, weekend workshops, or courses over a period of weeks. I have worked with schoolchildren on creative writing projects from the ages of 10 to 19 years old in several schools including Moylagh National School, County Meath, Ireland, The International School of Bergen, Danielsen Ungdomskole and Amalie Skram Videregaende all in Bergen, Norway.

I am a founder of Aurora Writers’ Retreats www.aurorawritersretreats.com , a collective of writers passionate about creating time, space and motivation for others to deepen the practice of writing. We have run three courses so far.  In February 2017 First Steps of Spring Creative Writing Retreat in the Scottish Borders, in November 2017 Picture This! Short Story Writing Course in Bergen in collaboration, and in February 2018, Into The Light, Yoga & Creative Writing Retreat in Edinburgh.  Pure Fiction, The Craft of Creative Writing will be held in Litteraturhuset in Bergen in March 2018.

I believe very strongly the rights of everyone to enjoy writing, reading and books. With each Aurora Writers Retreat or workshop, we offer Scholarship places or concession rates for those who might be struggling as well as Early Bird Deals. I have worked with Meath County Council and the National Irish Library Services delivering workshops for community groups, including the elderly. I have also worked on a short story project with a small group in residential care for those with disabilities.

My skills as a teacher of writing are extremely versatile. I specialise in fiction, both short stories, and novels, but also enjoy working with nonfiction memoir and travel writing.

My most popular courses are:

Yoga & Creative Writing – using Yoga to help unblock creativity and build writing stamina

Picture This! The Art of Short Story Writing – using art to inspire stories

(Amalie Skram Videregaende, LitHus Bergen Norway)

How To Write A Book – how to actually write and finish a whole book.

(LitHus Bergen Norway, Aurora Spring Retreat Scottish Borders)

Creative Writing for Websites & Blogs (Liberty Coaching, Bergen, Norway)

Unblocking Creativity & How To Start Writing (Aurora Spring Retreat Scottish Borders, Inkwell Writers Workshops, Ireland)

How To Write Literary Erotic Fiction (Foyles Bookshop, London, The Big Smoke Writing Factory, Dublin, Ireland, Raptus Festival, Bergen, Norway.)

Upcoming courses:

Pure Fiction, The craft of Creative Writing – Two Day Weekend Workshop (Bergen, Norway, March 2018)


For further information on hiring me to teach or work with your group, please send me an email via my Contacts Page. My rates can vary depending on your teaching needs and organisation but they would be in line with recommended rate of £175 per session plus travel expenses set by Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Fund, as I am on their database of writers.

If you are an organisation or school based in Scotland, you can apply to the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Fund to cover 50% of my author fees and travel expenses.


‘It is clear that Noelle is dedicated to both the craft of writing and of teaching. She inspired my students and enabled them to tap into their imaginations and develop their writing skills.’

Elisa Bjersand, English Teacher at Amalie Skram Videregående Skole (High School) in Bergen in Norway.

‘I took part in a two-day writer’s retreat in Lauder, Scotland in February 2017 where Noelle Harrison was one of the instructors. Noelle’s approach is clear, practical and inspiring.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced writer, she caters to every level. Noelle’s experience, knowledge and know-how leaves you roaring to write.  If you get the chance to attend one of Noelle’s workshops, don’t pass it up!’

Ila Moldenhauer, Bergen, Norway

“My experience with Noelle, both working with her and attending her courses, is that she is a devoted and charismatic teacher. She connects with participants in a very special way so that the creative work is focussed. Noelle has built very structured yet dynamic and enriching courses. The fact that she guides you step-by-step make her courses particularly attractive. The result is that you get to experience what she is teaching rather than hear about it. Creative blocks and fear of writing melt away and creativity kicks in. By taking one of Noelle’s writing courses, I believe you get a deeper understanding of what the craft of writing is and what your role should be wanting in wanting to master it.”

Karen Rosenstock, Litteraturhuset Bergen & Skrivekunstkollektivet

Last year I did a short story course with Noelle Harrison at Aurora Writers. I wrote The Spirit of the Lake, an idea that I had been tolling with for a while. But Noelle managed to make me focused and together we turned the story into something that I am really proud of! If you have time and chance to do a course with Noelle, don’t hesitate!!

Nina Rolland, Bergen, Norway.

‘After a day at Aurora Writers Into The Light Yoga & Creative retreat in Edinburgh, I am adorned with the armour of my intrepid warrior self, the peaceful warrior and the creative warrior. No longer shall I walk this journey of literary and creative discovery on my own. No longer shall I be the lackey of self-doubt and trepidation. With my new literary companions from Aurora’s Writers’ Retreats forever by my side, fuelling me with the memories of an unforgettable and powerful session and a connectivity that stretches from Harrogate to Scotland, across to Norway and around the world, bringing together all women who have a bloody good story to tell.’

Francesca Hepton, Harrogate, U.K.


I believe in supporting other writers, and encouraging the creation of new work.

For over ten years, I have also provided a critiquing service through The Inkwell Group in Ireland, and through Aurora Writers Retreats http://aurorawritersretreats.com/critique-service/.

Many of the writers I have worked with have gone on to have their books published.

I am also one of six Editorial Board Members of Scottish Book Trust’s What’s Your Story! Their Online Magazine for 13 – 19 year olds providing constructive and positive feedback for young people, with the aim of fostering new writing talent in Scotland.

My approach is to build confidence, while providing clear guidelines on how to improve the work. I provide a variety of options from appraisal of the first thirty pages to detailed content and line feedback with an extensive report. To read more on my own books click here.

  • Short Story up to 5000 words: £95 (100 euros)

This in-depth critique of your short story, with annotation, will enable you to create a polished story ready for submission to journals or competitions, or just for your own enjoyment!

  • First Thirty Pages of double – spaced full length manuscript: £300  (340 euros)

If you have never shown your manuscript to anyone before, we would recommend having the first 30 pages of your manuscript critiqued initially. In this way, Noelle can identify any key issues for your book, without you having to go to the additional cost of having the whole book critiqued. This option allows you the space to work on a new draft of your book with confidence and direction.

  • In-depth Report of all manuscript: £9 (10 euros) per 1,000 words

This includes a comprehensive report (12/14 pages in length) covering all aspects of the manuscript providing you with a clear vision for your novel.

  • In-depth Report plus annotation: £10 (11 euros) per 1,000 words
  • + Optional Feedback discussion @ £50 for an hour session on Skype / in person (travel expenses additional to fee) 

As well as the in-depth report, I work through your manuscript providing detailed annotation line by line. This is the most thorough form of critiquing and is of value if your next step is to submit your book to agents and publishers.If you would like to have an additional conversation about your book once you have absorbed all the feedback you have the option of an additional conversation on Skype or if the location suits I can meet you in person .

  • Writing Mentorships – Quotes Available on Request 

If you would like an even more in-depth approach, I may be available to mentor you during the process of the completion of your novel. This option includes three mentoring sessions of one hour each (either in person or on skype) along with your in-depth report, and feedback on your re-writes. I only take on two (at the most three) mentoring projects at one time to ensure I can devote the right amount of time to each writer’s work.


‘After 3 drafts, I still struggled to cut my massive word count! I was too close to my work and really needed someone who could run a red pen through my endless pages and kill those darlings. I was nervous about sharing my work and feel so lucky to have found Noelle. Her critique was thoughtful, honest, and so insightful. She was very professional throughout the process, keeping me updated along the way. Noelle helped me to identify common mistakes I made while encouraging me to keep going rather than knocking my confidence. Thanks to her thorough feedback, I am now working on what I’m sure will be my final draft.”

Melissa Collins, Ireland (2017)

‘I wrote The Spirit of the Lake, an idea that I had been tolling with for a while. But Noelle managed to make me focused and together we turned the story into something that I am really proud of!’

Nina Rolland, Bergen, Norway.

Performance Readings & Appearances

As a writer, one of my passions is to meet readers in the flesh, and to perform readings from my books, as well as appear on panel discussions. I have a background in playwriting, and live performance, running the theatre company, Aurora in Dublin in the nineties. Over the years, I have appeared regularly on different panel discussions in Ireland, Norway and UK as well as giving talks on a range of topics from landscape as character in the novel, to the story of graphic novel icon Valentina by Guido Crepax to a bi-lingual performance from my novel, Beatrice in Bergen.

Along with the publication of The Gravity of Love by Black & White Publishing in May 2018, I have devised two performance pieces drawn from the novel:

It’s all in the stars (20 minutes) & Eva (35/40 minutes). These incorporate text from the book with film, sound and live performance. They are part of my vision to bring more interactive and exciting opportunities to attendees of Book Festivals in UK and further afield.

With some of my previous novels, I have devised performed readings working alongside musicians such as Clara Rose, and in festivals such as Flat Lake Festival in Ireland.

I have also been interviewed on radio and live TV, which I very much enjoy. You can see me on Youtube here.


Depending on the event, my rates vary but are usually in line with the recommended fee set by Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Fund  of £175 per event plus travel expenses.

If your event is based in Scotland, you can apply to the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Fund to cover 50% of my author fees and travel expenses as I am on their database of writers.

Any Questions? Just drop me a line if you are interested in working with me: Contact Page. I am interested in any project, big or small.